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    The Great Milwaukee Race is an adventure for everyone. Teams of 2-4 people will get clues to seek locations throughout the city. They will travel on foot and perform fun tasks at each location then move on to the next. In addition to the regular version, which is 6-8 miles, new this year we are… [Continue Reading]

    Save the Date!
  • Get to know Milwaukee History

    In the Great Milwaukee Race, you will challenge both mind and body. Spend the morning solving clues and performing wacky challenges around town in the race that’s truly an adventure for everyone. Each team of 2-4 will decipher clues to various locations around downtown Milwaukee and perform the challenges at each location in order to… [Continue Reading]

    Get to know Milwaukee History
  • Family-Friendly!

    The Great Milwauke Race “LIGHT” Version! A shorter course that covers 3-4 miles and half of the clue locations. Bring the whole family for a morning of fun, games and fitness! The top five finishing teams in the light version will receive prizes.

  • Sample Clue #1

    A wise young man once said to his sweetheart, “I Choo-Choo-Choose You.” Although your mode of transportation in this race will be your own two feet, your team will be right on track for victory once you find our volunteers at this location!

    Sample Clue #1
  • Sample Clue #2

    This State Park, formerly known as Harbor Island, is the only urban state park in Wisconsin and is designed to provide an urban oasis with recreational opportunities and outdoor programs. Find the white bridge in the park and complete the challenge with our volunteer to receive your stamp.

    Sample Clue #2
  • Sample Clue #3

    This building was built in 1931 and was once called a “million dollar rock pile” by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It sits just to the west of Mac Arthur Square. Find the statue near the base of the building that is in memory of Mahatma Gandi. Complete the challenge and receive your stamp.

    Sample Clue #3
  • Sample Clue #4

    Milwaukee’s first Mayor has a park named after him. Go to this park and locate the replica log cabin that he lived in. You will find it deep in a corner of the park. It under went restoration in July of 2007 in honor of Arthur Laskin. Find the volunteer near this cabin to complete… [Continue Reading]

    Sample Clue #4
  • Sample Clue #5

    Located in an area formerly known as Commission Row, this next clue location will provide a watershed moment in your race when you find our volunteers. (Hint: Where did the little piggy go that didn’t stay home?)

    Sample Clue #5

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The Great Milwaukee Race offers two distances: The "full" course covers 6-8 miles and a shorter "mini" course covers 3-4 miles. Bring the whole family for a morning of fun, games and fitness!

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